October 19, 2012

Christmas comes early this year...

In September of this year I went back to school to complete my Master's in Physical Therapy. Although I absolutely love it, other areas of my life have been lagging. Crafting definitely being one of them! However, one night before midterms I was able to come up with a quick Christmas card that only takes 15 minutes to make. The goal this year was to come up with a few quick Christmas card ideas that won't take all season to make. I got this idea off Pinterest from a kid's craft idea. You can see another version on Meet the Dubiens

Fingerprint Christmas Lights
1. I started with a Copic Multiliner Black Marker to draw the light string.
2. I have a box of pre-folded cards that someone bought on sale for me. I used one of these colours that I could use up hard to match colours.
3. Use your index or pinky finger to print the lights. You can see the green colour is bigger because I started with the index finger and switched to my pinky. 
4. Start with lighter colours, and end with the darkest colour because I definitely had ink on my fingers for at least a day.

Alternate ideas: 
  • Try the same card but use a stamp that has just the string on it. Try this one from The Rubber Cafe. You can  use just the string of lights or if you don't feel like getting your fingers  dirty, use the included lights.
  • Get the whole family involved and have them all stamp their fingerprints. It would mean so much more when your family and friends get the card. 

Stamp Pads: Stampin' Up


  1. This is such a cute idea Cathy! I love that it was really quick to make too!

    xo jen

  2. Very Creative. Could u wear gloves to avoid the inked fingers?

    Keep up the good work!