January 22, 2012

Scraps of Maui

After much carding I have been getting a hankering for another kind of paper project. I finally went back to working on my Maui scrapbook from my trip last February. After printing out a couple of the pictures I only had about one hour to work on the scrapbook. Before I always needed a couple hours to do any scrapbooking. There were very few moments during the average week to do any scrapbooking. However, I realized that between the paper, stickers, and Cricut I could whip out a scrapbook page lickity split.  Without the Cricut I did most of the titles on the computer. Now I can just type it out in the Cricut. If you can't tell I highly recommend a Cricut if you are considering getting one. Here are a couple of pages from before and after:




The album I bought in one of the Hawaiian Marketplaces. My MIL found a scrapbook package at Winners at a great deal. The rest I picked up at Michaels.

As far as my style goes I like to border most pictures to help them stand out off the page. This way the picture is the showcase. After that I usually use only a couple stickers or die-cuts to accent the pictures. I don't like too many decals or rhinestones when scrapbooking. I'm always afraid the rhinestones might wreck my pictures.

Any suggestions for the rest of the scrapbook? How would you describe your scrapbooking style? Suggestions for good scrapbooking blogs?

January 16, 2012

My Secret Valentine

Well it's a Vancouver miracle! It is finally snowing. Not just one day but three consistent days of snow. That means that all the west coast crafters have locked themselves inside for 3 days straight. My most recent card has been a secret valentine's day card for the boy. He is forbidden from reading this because I can't wait to post this one.

"A Secret Valentine"
Envelope = Sweethearts Cricut cartridge
Hearts Paper = Boxing Day Sale at Michael's
Card stock = Recollections at Michael's

Sweetheart Cartridge
1. Cut a shadow image in red
2. Cut a image in pink
3. If you want the heart a different colour then cut your desired colour using the layers feature

I'm loving the Cricut cards! What are your preferences crafters? Do you like the stamps or Cricut cards?

January 8, 2012

A Very Cricut Christmas

Happy New Year Crafters!

I have been very bad about updating my blog but it is not due to late of projects. Just to keep you updated I did finish my 22 Christmas cards. Everyone seemed quite impressed! I was just excited because this was one of the first years that we started receiving our own Christmas cards. I was included in some of the Christmas cards addressed to the boy's family too.

Santa was very good to me this year and brought me..... a CRICUT. I know you are jealous but that is only normal. But seriously, the boy's mom gave it to me. I was so shocked! It turns out she almost gave it to me early in order to finish my Christmas cards.

Here are a couple of experiment's with my new cricut:
"Happy Birthday"
Cricut Cartridge: Paper Lace

"Birthday Blessings - Cupcake"
Cricut Cartridge: All Wrapped Up

"Just Married"
Cricut Cartridge: Sweethearts

It definitely took some getting used to. Trying to find the right pressure, speed and blade setting to cut through the paper but not tear it up too much was difficult. However, once you get use to it it becomes much easier. My card making has been taking up much less time! 
Here are a couple bits of Cricut advice:

1) The Sweetheart cartridge only cuts all layers at one time. You cannot choose which parts you would like to cut out of a particular colour or pattern. *To reduce paper waste make multiple images using all the scraps at one time. This is what I did with the "Just Married" card.

2) If you would find it annoying to have all the layers cut out at once then choose a cartridge like All Wrapped Up. This cartridge allows you to cut each layer separately rather than all at once.

3) I highly recommend you pick up a set of the Cricut tools. These tools allow you to peal the paper off the mat, make extra cuts in your image, poke out delicate cut outs, etc.

If you have any cricut advice please let me know.

Oh and check out this new blogger: Christina Mynen