January 16, 2012

My Secret Valentine

Well it's a Vancouver miracle! It is finally snowing. Not just one day but three consistent days of snow. That means that all the west coast crafters have locked themselves inside for 3 days straight. My most recent card has been a secret valentine's day card for the boy. He is forbidden from reading this because I can't wait to post this one.

"A Secret Valentine"
Envelope = Sweethearts Cricut cartridge
Hearts Paper = Boxing Day Sale at Michael's
Card stock = Recollections at Michael's

Sweetheart Cartridge
1. Cut a shadow image in red
2. Cut a image in pink
3. If you want the heart a different colour then cut your desired colour using the layers feature

I'm loving the Cricut cards! What are your preferences crafters? Do you like the stamps or Cricut cards?


  1. Does the envelope fit gift cards? What possibilities! Love the bling.

  2. With the Cricut I can cut it to different sizes. This was a 2.5" size image. It would be a little tight in this envelope. If you cut it to 3" it should be perfect. Also a heavier cardstock would probably be necessary.

    Thanks! You gave me the bling :)