December 24, 2013

Wrapping Up Christmas

At the beginning of December I ran out of all my Christmas wrapping paper. Rather than going out and buying a ton of rolls, I ran down to the local stationary store and picked up some brown packing paper. I bought a large roll so that it will last for years to come hopefully. I saw the idea on Lauren Conrad's website. Its the perfect blend of rustic and modern. Best part is it can be used for any occasion. I loved the white polka dots that she did, however I do not have a white stamp pad. What I do have is every other colour so I decided to jazz up each present in a different colour. 

How To:
1) Use a small stamp or an eraser on an unused pencil. 

2) Start stamping in no particular order. If you are using a pencil eraser, hold it down for 2-3 seconds otherwise the ink from the stamp pad doesn't transfer quite as well.

3) Wrap you gift! No need to wait for it to dry. Use whatever ribbon you have around for wrapping or crafting. 

Here's an example of one I did with a small snowflake stamp using a light blue colour.

Note: The gift tags are a free printable from Sass & Peril.

Happy Wrapping! Now get to it!

December 23, 2013

Week 28: Reindeer Love

With only two days till Christmas, today is filled with all the last minute tasks so that tomorrow I can just relax and enjoy everyone's company. I realized I need two more christmas cards and was VERY tempted to buy some, however making them meant I didn't have to go out into the stores. I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided I just had to try it! I also figured it would be a big hit since my most popular card post is the Fingerprint Christmas Lights. Best thing about fingerprint cards = only take 10 minutes!

How to:
  1. Stamp the reindeer first so that they can dry before drawing on them. I did the heads first so that they are just touching. I used my 2nd finger for the reindeer. 
  2. For the heart, try to get more of the base overlapping to give the look of the pointing end.  I wanted a smaller heart so I used my pinky finger.
  3. Draw a nose, mouth, eye, antlers, feet and tails. 
  4. Sentiment is from Red Rubber Designs
  5. The background is leftover packing paper from wrapping presents.
  • The Stampin' Up ink pads will stain your fingers. So if you don't want that be careful to use washable ink pads. See picture below.
  • Great project to do with the kids! 

Merry Christmas!

November 22, 2013

Week 27: Moroccan Holidays

I saw this inspiration photo by Stampin' Royalty and just fell in love. The Moroccan shapes and tones make me imagine a Christmas holidays some where warmer. The colour are not really Christmasy but I love the cool tones. Also the shapes remind me of Christmas ornaments. Moroccan Christmas anyone?

The layout I was inspired by CAS(e) this Sketch #54.The ribbon I picked up at Michael's at a Boxing Day Sale. The ornament stamps I received as a gift from Cndn Stamper.


November 13, 2013

Week 26 - Happy Washi Birthday

Another Pinterest win! Here is the card I made for the boy's birthday about two weeks ago. I finally popped into Michael's and picked up some washi tape. The best part was how quick the card took. After making the candles I just used 3 different stamp pads to colour the sentiment. I love CAS cards! Quick and beautiful!

September 29, 2013

Week 25: Rainbow Birthday

Starting to get back into the groove of things. I was going to wait to post this card because I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone but I just couldn't resist!

For this week's card, I was checking out the CAS(e) this Sketch blog for inspiration for a clean and simple card when I saw this designer's card. I just got new ribbon recently that was just perfect to do the same thing. I hate replicating other people's card but I just couldn't resist this week.

The new ribbon I bought for me at Winners but it is by American Crafts. The sentiment was gifted to me and the rhinestones are from Michaels.


September 26, 2013

Week 24: Hawaiian Happy Birthday

I just came in from sitting on my patio because I was getting too hot. Can you believe it?! Its end of September. This type of weather is my favourite: sunny during the day and cool at night. Perhaps that's why I'm getting married at this time next year?! Speaking of which, I haven't posted any cards recently because any spare time I have had to craft lately I have been using to fool around with Photoshop. I am hoping to make my wedding stationary using Photoshop so I have to be good at it first ;) Once I finalize the stationary and its sent out to the respective people I will post a sneak peek.

It's funny how sometimes you start off with one vision in your head but by the time you've finished your card you end up somewhere completely different. That is exactly what happened to me this week. However, I love the end product, which I didn't think I'd say! I was inspired by CAS(e) this Sketch #46, however I wasn't quick enough in posting it so the entry has now expired. C'est la vie!

If you like the sentiment font check out this free download for Duxbury Beach. This would be so cute to use overtop of photos for a scrapbook!

 Just to brag a little...

The Color Throwdown - color throwdown #261
Animal Friends - brown + green + yellow/blue
Fairies Challenges Blog - Birthday
Tok Bobok - Indian Summer

August 8, 2013

August 7, 2013

Week 23 (catchup): Love is in the Air

Long time no post! Summer has been busy for me thus far. All my time away from home has not allowed me to craft as much as I'd like. I have a few cards that I haven't posted yet so you can look forward to those soon.

This weekend my brother is getting married to the love of his life. The wedding colours are inspired by the Seattle Seahawks thus this fun card. The colours also happen to match the Sparkle N Sprinkle Challenge perfectly. 

The idea for the flap that opens came from a card one of my girlfriends got at her bridal shower. Its not quite as cute as I had hoped but definitely a little different than your average card. The stamp is from the Old Island Stamp Co. I love these love birds! 


June 2, 2013

Week 22: Happy Cupcake Day

Do you ever feel like certain months or even certain weeks are particularly dense with birthdays? The last 2 weeks of May is definitely one of those times. I have to admit that I start to wonder what people were people were doing 9 months prior ... ewww *shakes head* 

Anyways, confession is that I was unable to keep up with all the birthdays. For those that I missed I apologize. I owe you one random card at a random time hehe. This card was for one of my girlfriends who loves tiffany blue. This can be slightly difficult to match exactly with paper so I settled for more of a robin's egg blue. The stamp is by Craft Smart at Michaels. I picked it up in an after Christmas sale across the border. This stamp takes a lot of ink so I thought using different colours rather than just black would be better. This means that it never comes out perfect but I do still love the affect. Its a totally different feel than using markers. 

It is a pretty simple design but I think that helps to offset the numerous colours. PS did you notice this card is the same colours as my blog? Can you tell what my favourite colours are?

May 26, 2013

Week 21: thanks

I am officially living up north for 5 weeks for my schooling. I am lucky enough to have a brother who is willing to take me in. As a result I made this card for him and his fiance as a token of my appreciation. 5 weeks is an awfully long time to have to put up with me.

This is one of my first "rustic" cards. I must say I think the twine makes it! I will definitely use more twine in the future. As in my rainbow card, I carefully stamped out the main message in green and the dictionary definition in black. It is simple but impactful. I hate to gloat but I love this one! 

May 21, 2013

Week 20: Bridal Bliss

Wedding Season has started again and this year I am more than a mere spectator. I have officially started planning my own wedding about one month ago. However, my wedding is not for about a year and a half so I have lots of time to think about it... 

In the mean time, we have a couple weddings this year for close family and friends. I must say I love weddings. When else do you get to go to a huge party that celebrates love and meet all the people that are special to that couple. I can't imagine a more perfect idea! This week's card (or should I say last week's card) was for my sister-in-law. She had her bridal shower this past weekend. Unfortunately I was unable to attend as I was out of town for the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada. 

This stamp I have used a bunch of times but it is one of my absolute favourites. Happy Couple by Stampendous is so simple but timeless. I love using patterned paper as my inspiration for the colours in a card (much like my wardrobe). The bride is using navy blue and lime green. This pattern is the closest that I had. If you look REALLY close, the scrolls are lime green.

May 12, 2013

Week 19: Oh happy day x2

Happy Mom's Day to all the mothers out there young & old! Since I have two mothers now, I thought matching cards would be perfect. 

The sketch from CAS(E) this sketch this week was just so inspiring. I found the hedgehog in these quirky squares from Red Rubber Designs and thought it fit the sketch perfectly. While the matching sentiment that came with the sketch is not Mother's Day specific I still thought it was fitting. However, when I went to stamp the pink card I got a smug from the outer edge of the stamp. I stamped the polka dots on the outside to try & cover it up. 

Looking at the brown paper for the sentiment, I think I'll have to use that colour in the future with some kind of wood grain stamp perhaps. 


May 4, 2013

Week 18: Have a Sassy Birthday...

This week I have been on placements for my program which means that I work somewhere for 5 weeks (without pay). As such I have very little homework to do in the evenings. I am able to fill my evenings with reading, swimming, and yes.... CRAFTING. This is my second card this week! Perhaps I'll make a third :)

A couple weeks ago I won a challenge for my Rainbows After the Showers card and received two digi stamps from Sassy Studio Designs. I used one of the digi stamps to make a sassy card for one of my good girl friends. Its her birthday coming up and I wanted a card to reflect how fun and vibrant she is.  The image is "Martini Pin-up Sassy" from Sassy Studio Designs. The accent paper is from Creative Memories and the ribbons I got from Michaels. The inspiration for the colours in this card from a picture from the Sparkle N' Sprinkle Challenge blog. The hammock and bright colours reminded me of an old trip to Ecuador.

I must say I had to colour this image twice. The first time I tried putting "highlights" in the girls hair and it just looked AWFUL. I only have a 12 basic colours pack of Copic markers so the highlights just looked too dark. I love how all the warm colours came together though.

  • blonde hair = Y13 Lemon Yellow
  • red dress/heels/olive centre = R08 Vermilion
  • dress accent/earrings = YR04 Chrome Orange
  • olive picks = E09 Burnt Sienna
  • olives = YG03 Yellow Green
Question: What Copic markers would you recommend, based on the ones I have, to blend? What Copic markers are your essentials?


April 30, 2013

Week 17: Let it Snow

Had some fun with Funky Flock from The Rubber Cafe this week. I thought it was the perfect texture for snow. If fact when I was pouring it out of the container it fell like big clumps of snow during a snow storm.

The rest of the card this week came from the Cheerful Winter Pack by Creative Memories. I love using these packs for cards because all the colours are meant to "go" together. Best part is the sentiments are also included!


April 21, 2013

Week 16: Ornaments

This is an exciting week for me! I finished packing up our apartment today. We are moving into the new apartment soon so I had to keep the  mess to a minimum. As a result the card is quite simple this week. These stickers came from Walmart in the States. So ornate and beautiful! Too much  and I think it would take away from the stickers.


April 20, 2013

Week 15: It doesn't get better than this

Guess what?! I won my first challenge at Sassy Design Studios for my Rainbow After the Showers card.Thank you Sassy Design Studios!

This week a fun and bright card for my friend's birthday. This fun stamp is from Stamping Bella. I definitely need to pick up some of their stamps!

Its a little bit hard to tell from this picture I played with a new glitter powder I got for my birthday. First I poured A Muse Studios Simple Stick over the sentiment. Then poured the excess pack into the bottle. Then I heated it up so that it becomes sticky.

After the simple stick is heated I poured the glitter over top and heated it up to. Cool thing is it stuck to the surrounding cardstock too. Looks great of this card!


April 12, 2013

Week 14 (catchup): Rainbow After the Showers

I'm on a roll this week! This should be my last catchup card. That means if I make one more this week (for this week ie. #15) I will be all caught up! So excited.

After all the fun colours in yesterday's card I decided that I wanted to do it all over again. I saw the challenge "Rain" from DL.ART and with the recent weather I decided that I just had to do it! I found this old image in my stacks and just happen to find a sentiment in my collection that fits perfectly. When I read the word Rainbow I knew I had to figure out a way to make it read just that. So after many failed attempts using markers and markers dipped in my stamp pads I finally able to get it to work by just applying the stamp pads directly to the stamp. How may you ask? Carefully! Basically from top to  bottom just using the corner of the pad. Overall I love how it turned out!


April 11, 2013

Week 13 (catchup): You light up my life

Its funny how sometimes when you are making a card, what you start off making is totally different from what you end up making in the end. I started off with one of my absolute favourite stamps, "LED Lila," and pretty much all of my Christmas paper laid out on my desk. I really love the sketch from Delightful Inspiration and thought that the light string paper would make a perfect accent for the circle inlays.

I started off thinking I would use traditional Christmas colours with a subtle pattern for the rectangles but once I looked at the string of Christmas lights I loved some of the odd colour combinations in it. The pink, blue and orange make me think of spring rather than Christmas, which is kind of nice this time of year.


April 7, 2013

Week 12 (catchup): Dear Santa

I'm all done my school for one week! Its so nice to just relax, pack boxes and make cards. Its no sunshine and paradise but definitely better than school.

This week I was inspired by the polka dots everywhere. I found two different old pages I had in my scraps bag. The stamp is from Stampendous and it is so cute! Overall it is not my favourite card but as the boy told me when he saw it "well it just shows that you are human." 


March 31, 2013

Week 11 (catchup): happy birthday to you!

This is it folks! Home stretch! I have 6 exams in 4 days and then I am free for one week on Friday. I'm hoping that I will have time to catch up on my cards, however like everyone else I have procrastinated a long list of things to do for that one week. There's more than 24 hours in a day right?!

I was very tempted to not make my card tonight, however this week was my birthday. In fact it was yesterday. And I must say that after making all these cards for others I really enjoy receiving handmade cards because I know how much time and work has gone into them. Thats why when I remembered another special someone's birthday I knew I couldn't skip out and not make a card. Pretty much all the supplies came from Creative Memories in a Cheerful Birthday Page Kit. The stamp is not mine so I don't know where it was from.


March 24, 2013

Week 10 (catchup): Kiss Kiss Kiss

Still working on the catch up but at least I'm not getting further behind. It was kind of nice tonight to have a challenge to do because I just couldn't bring myself to look at one more technique for removing secretions or another neuro pathway. 

This week is about LOVE. Maybe it's because of this red lipstick I am now wearing which has diffused into my bloodstream or perhaps its the endless number of Christmas cards or just maybe I need something to make me optimist about while I'm sitting among piles of lectures notes to be studied (figuratively... I take all my notes electronically). No matter the reason, we could call use a good loooooove now and then. Of course I used the CAS(E) this Sketch challenge again this week. When I saw the note popping out of the pocket it reminding me of the Bachelor episode where Catherine gave Sean the love note with the kiss on it. Once I thought it I decided I had to re-create it. 

I also used NO stamps this week, to fulfill the CAS-ual Fridays challenge. The envelope and tag were cut out using my Cricut (General Shapes and Sweethearts cartridges). The "Kiss Kiss Kiss" I printed out from the computer. Then I just added some bling that I got on sale at Michaels in the states.

I could make another card tonight but I think instead I will actually go to bed on time for once!

* Please excuse anything that doesn't make sense as my brain is fried!

March 17, 2013

Week 9 (catchup): Mint Green Winter

So I lied! Not only did I not do two posts but I "forgot" to do one for a whole other week. I could have very easily just not done another one when we got home late again tonight. However all I could think about was being called out on Facebook for not posting last week. I made it! With an hour to spare... and only two weeks behind. I will get there at some point. Perhaps after finals in April but I'll get there. 

I wanted a nice simple design that I could do quickly. For the best CAS sketches I go to CAS(E) this Sketch! I always enjoy their sketches and I can usually put the card together in less than half an hour which is amazing for me. I love this colour (makes me think of some of my friends). Somewhat springy considering it is a winter card. 

PS. I'm trying to take better photos of my cards. Do it justice you know? What do you think?


March 1, 2013

Week 8: Happy Holidays...In March

So for those of you who have been keeping track last week was really my week 8 challenge, however I hosted my amazing Oscar party. It was a great success and the 3.5 hours seem to fly by. In fact my man won the "Oscar" or as one of our friends likes to call it "Choscar".

Anyways enough excuses! I promise to make two cards this weekend. I think I may be behind on Christmas cards already (I know that sounds ridiculous) so it will be a Christmas in March weekend. I started off easy to slowly progress my way back into it. Both the stickers (banners and santa) as well as the paper is from echo park paper co. I bought it from Scraps Arts off a Groupon a while back. I love finding old supplies I forgot about. Its like Christmas ... in March!


February 13, 2013

Week 7: Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well I thought I would only one Valentine's Day card this year but I was so inspired by all the love in the air that I decided I needed to do at least one more. I sent out my second card to some other special people in our lives. I think we should appreciate not just our partner but all the special people that we have in our lives. (Although in hind sight ALL the people that we love would be ALOT of cards. We don't want to get "Christmas card" style crazy)

Rather than using red, pink and white like my last card, I wanted to mix it up a bit and use some other shades. I love how the pink, blue and yellow came together. Picks up on the birdies in the background so well. I have used this stamp, by Old Island Stamp Company, before for weddings, engagements, etc. Very versatile and epically cute! The other thing I love is that Old Island Stamp Company is a local Canadian stamp company. You can see them at Circle Craft Fair every year. The paper I found at Michael's and had to pick it up when I saw how well it matched.

To be honest, I originally made this card off last weeks Mojo Monday sketch but I finished the card at 12:02 am and the linky had closed. It was a sad state of affairs but still a great sketch!


February 9, 2013

Week 6: Candy Cane Dreams

It's a long weekend here in Vancouver, which came just at the right time. I finished the first half of my exams with a little bit of a break till the next set. After a week of a lot of coffee and very little sleep, I am spending most of my time at home studying and sleeping. However, I took some time away from my assignment to make this card. Much more enjoyable!!

I read about the "Candy Cane" challenge from Christmas Stampin' All Year Long and I just couldn't resist. It reminds me of Valentines Day but for Christmas. I used the same Red Rubber Designs stamp set for image and the sentiment.