December 22, 2012

New Year --> New Layout

2013 is just around the corner. Well around 10 days (depending how you count it) to be exact. I decided that with this new year I want to get a little bit more involved with the crafting community. In order to do so I thought the blog needed a bit of a facelift to reflect the title and make it more memorable.

I'm currently no computer wiz or photoshop genius so I used iWeb, which I already had on my computer. I started by creating a design in my head first. You are simply wasting time if you don't even have a vision of what you want. I chose theme colours to carry throughout my blog. Once in iWeb I manipulated simple shapes to create this overall background. Once completed:

I saved it as a jpg, which allowed me to upload it as a background in blogger. If you are efficient with html and css that I am certain there are better ways to do this but for bloggers who want a simple solution this worked out great for me. Let me know what you think and any suggestions for change you may have. I have a couple ideas for the blog in mind for the new year! I will let you know as it gets closer...


  1. It looks so lovely! Can't wait to see more of your wonderful projects in the coming year!

    xo jen