June 2, 2013

Week 22: Happy Cupcake Day

Do you ever feel like certain months or even certain weeks are particularly dense with birthdays? The last 2 weeks of May is definitely one of those times. I have to admit that I start to wonder what people were people were doing 9 months prior ... ewww *shakes head* 

Anyways, confession is that I was unable to keep up with all the birthdays. For those that I missed I apologize. I owe you one random card at a random time hehe. This card was for one of my girlfriends who loves tiffany blue. This can be slightly difficult to match exactly with paper so I settled for more of a robin's egg blue. The stamp is by Craft Smart at Michaels. I picked it up in an after Christmas sale across the border. This stamp takes a lot of ink so I thought using different colours rather than just black would be better. This means that it never comes out perfect but I do still love the affect. Its a totally different feel than using markers. 

It is a pretty simple design but I think that helps to offset the numerous colours. PS did you notice this card is the same colours as my blog? Can you tell what my favourite colours are?

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