December 23, 2013

Week 28: Reindeer Love

With only two days till Christmas, today is filled with all the last minute tasks so that tomorrow I can just relax and enjoy everyone's company. I realized I need two more christmas cards and was VERY tempted to buy some, however making them meant I didn't have to go out into the stores. I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided I just had to try it! I also figured it would be a big hit since my most popular card post is the Fingerprint Christmas Lights. Best thing about fingerprint cards = only take 10 minutes!

How to:
  1. Stamp the reindeer first so that they can dry before drawing on them. I did the heads first so that they are just touching. I used my 2nd finger for the reindeer. 
  2. For the heart, try to get more of the base overlapping to give the look of the pointing end.  I wanted a smaller heart so I used my pinky finger.
  3. Draw a nose, mouth, eye, antlers, feet and tails. 
  4. Sentiment is from Red Rubber Designs
  5. The background is leftover packing paper from wrapping presents.
  • The Stampin' Up ink pads will stain your fingers. So if you don't want that be careful to use washable ink pads. See picture below.
  • Great project to do with the kids! 

Merry Christmas!

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