March 12, 2012

Monkey Business

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been crafting but I have been bad about posting them because I'm training for a half marathon. Running is taking over my life. At least it is a healthy habit! Plus good news: I got an interview for physiotherapy school! Yeah!!! I just had it this past weekend so I'm trying to fill my time off with crafting and running to prevent myself from going crazy thinking about whether or not I will get in.

I recently went shopping with a friend of mine looking for clothes for an upcoming trip to Maui. I bought this fantastic crazy monkey tank top. Everything is about monkey business for me this week! So I have been utilizing some of old stamped images my sister gave me. Got to love Changito by Stampendous!

SCUBA = Super Creative Unexpected Birthday Acknowledgement
Markers= Crayola Super Tips 
Yellow Paper = Stampin' Up
Rounded Corner = Fiskars Round Corner Punch (bought at Michaels)

I have been reading some blogs lately that use the round corner punch. I think it really finishes off the card . The particular punch that I bought has two round punch outs that I didn't realize till the first time I used it. I thought I might have to take it back but once I saw the results I really like the extra touch it gives. I may have to go buy another one that doesn't have the addition punch outs. Perhaps I will pick up the Paper Shapers Corner Adorner at Walmart as suggested by Christina of Making, Baking & Picture Taking.

Happy Carding!


  1. Aww the card is super cute!!! I love the monkey tank top you got - can't wait for us to wear our summer clothes in Maui :)

  2. Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you like your fiskars, cause I'm not impressed with the one I have.

    1. It requires a lot of force, which is a brag for me with my weak arms. Better with thinner patterned paper rather than with cardstock.

  3. Cute card. Love how the paper looks like water bubbles. I want to put Markers on your Christmas list. I'll have fun with that.

    1. I bought some markers that are a step up from Crayola but I find the pigment almost too strong. I'm pretty sure those are the markers I used in Christmas Card Countdown post. However, I bought one good skin tone marker from that shop in Granville Island in the Kids Market and it makes such a difference. Good markers are definitely on the wishlist that is for sure! I keep looking at them on Amazon.